Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Wednesday round-up of deliciousness

Firstly, I must thank Chele from Chocolate Teapot for such a stupendous round-up last week, without which this Jaffa Drizzle Sponge Cake would have passed me by. A potential tragedy, I'm sure you'll agree!
So, this week I'd like to start you off with possibly the cutest pudding ever seen in blogsville - the Teacup banana pudding. Patricia at Technicolor Kitchen made them to deal with her too quickly ripening bananas in Sao Paulo. Never a problem in blustery Cambridge, I can tell you, but when I get hit with a serious case of the winter blues, I think I will turn to these caramely banana puds baked in tea cups to cheer me up! And while we're in Sao Paulo, I suggest you also check out this Choc chip salted butter caramel ice cream. It looks oh so creamy and and sweet and scrumptious!
I was also excited to see a fab looking recipe for Irish Soda Bread from The Greasy Spoon. Soda bread has always been a highlight of visiting my Northern Irish relatives, but apparently it's easy, quick and never goes wrong, so it's about time I made some of my very own. There's another fab looking bread recipe at Life's a feast - Oat Bread with Maple Syrup. It looks really soft and tasty.
Then there's this delectable Peas keema, an Indian dish with lamb and peas and all kinds of flavoursome Indian ingredients. And keeping with the Indian theme, check out this Bombay-Style Chicken with Red Lentils from Dinner Diary. It sounds like such a great combination of ingredients with Indian flavours.
If you haven't seen lobstersquad's winning combination of drawings and food bloggery, I suggest you head over there, not least for her recipe for Oven baked breaded fish. A simple recipe, but as Ximena says that it's just as good as fried, I think it's definitely worth bookmarking.
There continues to be lots of marvellous warming food around. Let's start with Carrot soup and Welsh Rarebit from Foodycat - a stupendous combination if ever there was one. Then there's a couple of more manly options: A proper beef stew from Domestic Goddess in Disguise and Minced beef hotpot from What Do I Want To Cook Today? As fine a pair of meaty dishes for a chilly November night as I think you'll find. And, as I can never ever get enough chicken soup recipes, here's a particularly inviting one: Chicken noodle soup from Never Enough Thyme.
And the warming pud I offer you today is this Spiced pear, blackberry and pistachio crumble from Cook sister. A fine way to deal with unpromising pears, apparently, and definitely a fantastic way to end a meal.
Next, take a look at this Home-made pizza from My Food and Life Encounters. It looks so cheesy and tasty and comforting. I want to make it right now!
And just to prove that I also enjoy vegetables (and not just meaty stews and meaty pizzas!), I am also determined to make Julia Moskin's Caramelized corn with fresh mint from The Wednesday Chef. Luisa has been converted to using frozen sweetcorn with this recipe, and as it's something I've never really thought I've using that, I'm dying to give it a try. It looks like such a simple recipe, with just four ingredients.
Finally, there's a couple of suggestions for edible Christmas presents. (I put off mentioning it until now, but Christmas has well and truly arrived in blogsville!) I want to produce some this year and among the possibilities are these two marvels: Nutella and dark chocolate truffles from Sunita's World and Fresh cranberry and chestnut cantucci from The British Larder. Both of those look so delightful - I think anyone would be happy to receive them. I certainly would!
Oh and we have a late entry. This Pumpkin, spinach and goat's cheese tart has just arrived in my Google Reader and it looks fantastic. Nice timing Hilary!


  1. Great round-up! I really enjoy reading your Wednesday posts.

  2. You are just too sweet, Nora - and if you ever come to Sao Paulo, I will bake you some seriously delicious treats!




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