Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wednesday round-up of deliciousness

Good evening round-up fans. First of all, many thanks to Jo of Jo's Kitchen for doing such a great job on last week's round-up. I don't know about you but I headed straight off to investigate Sausage and cheddar stuffed jalapeno poppers - and I was not disappointed! 
Anyway, onto this week. First and in every way foremost, it simply has to be these homemade crumpets from Food Stories. After the Christmastime revelation of crumpets cooked on the fire, I can only imagine that homemade crumpets are even better. And just looking at the photos of these little numbers has convinced me that there will only be one acceptable brunch this weekend. Must just buy in a mountain of butter...
Meanwhile, the Daring Cook's satay challenge this month looked delicious, especially this minced chicken version from Kitchen Butterfly. Flavoursome marinated chicken, creamy peanut sauce and coconut rice - what more could you possibly ask for? I really must join Daring Cooks one of these days as all the challenges look absolutely delicious. 
Now, I'm not really very good at new year's resolutions, as I'm constantly thinking of things I should be changing - which is not to say I do any of them! But I always feel it's better to aim to do more of something good, rather than less of something bad. It's more positive, you see. And one of the things I always intend to aim for is more pulses. I love them, they're healthy and also pretty cheap. So, in order to help me with this, I shall be bookmarking two delicious dishes: Slow cooked pork with kidney beans What Rachel Ate and Chickpeas with spinach from What's for lunch, honey?
But I can't stay healthy for long, so let's head straight off to see some khachapuri from love and a licked spoon, along with the story of how Debora learned to cook in Russia - as you do! Big bro is a massive fan of Nigella's recipe for this squishy cheesey bread, so I think it's about time I gave it a whirl. 
I'm certain that red velvet cake has made an appearance on the Wednesday round-up before, but somehow or other I haven't got around to making one. But these cupcakes from Apple & Spice look so delightful that I think they might inspire me to finally get around to it. Mr Splorer hopes so, anyway!
Meanwhile, there were a couple of interesting twists on age-old classics that I spotted this week. A basic but good tomato sauce for pasta can be a wondrous thing, but I am intrigued by the blog pedigree and gushing description of this tomato sauce with onion and butter from Smitten kitchen. Apparently the secret to a spectacular tomato sauce is a bit of butter and stewing an onion in it, before chucking it away. Intriguing. And then there's this fantastic version of the humble chip - a harissa spiced version from The English Kitchen. Don't you just love the idea of a spicy, fragrant oven chip with soured cream and lime dip? Yum!
And speaking of classics, there were also couple of British classics around this week. Firstly, we have Scotch eggs from Gourmet Chick, as taught by a chef by the excellent name of Henry Herbert. Apparently, they were invented at Fortnum and Mason, which leaves me wondering what exactly is scotch about the Scotch egg? Anyhoo, next back to The English Kitchen for Rock cakes, which I haven't made, or even eaten, for years, but I just know that one bite would take me back to my school days in seconds. So simple to make, so easy to eat. 
Next, we have a couple of soups. First of all, there's this Roasted vegetable soup with polenta croutons from Tartelette - a gorgeous big mush of roasted veg, topped with bright colourful chunks of polenta. Then lobstersquad has this simple recipe for Chicken soup - a marvellous comfort food, and get over there to look at the fab artwork as well. 
Finally we have a few stragglers who simply must be included. Firstly there's this Fruit loaf from Dressing for dinner, which looks like the ideal thing to toast, butter and have at about four o'clock on a rainy, windy Sunday afternoon. I shouldn't have to wait too long for one of those, anyway! Next, check out this Duck, Onion and Date Pastilla recipe from The British Larder, a sweet and savoury delicacy to be served with a white onion and tamarind chutney. Rather exotic and exciting, I'm sure you'll agree. And finally a Cabbage and sausage cake from rachel eats, which might sound a little strange. However I was totally converted to the cabbage/sausage combo a while ago by this recipe so I think stuffing cabbage leaves with sausage meat and baking it into a cute little cake, and serving it with a big splodge of mashed potato is a marvellous plan.


  1. I'm all up for reviving scotch eggs! Great round up. Hope you are feeling better?

  2. Thanks for including me Nora, and I do hope you try the bread. I made it practically into a diet bread by not frying it like the Georgians do - I reckoned a pound of cheese was enough fat for one day. Some lovely stuff in your round up, yet again.

  3. I love the way your round ups send me off in interesting directions!

  4. Sarah - me too. Maybe we should predict them as the food to watch in 2010. And yes, I am much better thanks, just a couple of tiny scars on the face, which hopefully will heal fast!
    Debora - glad to hear the khachapuri is actually quite healthy! ;) And I am determined to try it. Meanwhile, I'm still telling everyone I know to try your mincemeat crumble tart - am obsessed!
    Joy - I'm so glad to hear it. :D

  5. Really excellent! I particularly enjoyed the 'How I learned yo cook' story!

  6. Another great round up with lots of interesting things to try! Loving the harrisa chips and the slow cooked pork. I definitely need to eat a bit healthier, not doing well lately!

  7. Great round up - it's set my belly a-rumbling. Like Jenny, i am also off to read about the slow cooked pork and the harrisa chips because they both look fab. The chickpeas and spinach also looks great - simple and delicious.

  8. Wow! What a massive round up, must of taken you forever. Can't wait to sink my teeth into some of these recipes, thanks for pointing them out ;0)

  9. Another great roundup. I want to eat everything on the list!

  10. Nora, Well it does have yoghurt in with that pound of cheese and yoghurt is healthy, right? And you're such a doll about the tart - thanks for spreading the word!

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