Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Wednesday round-up of deliciousness extraordinaire

Well, now I'm officially back in town, I couldn't skip the Wednesday round-up, could I? And this is going to be a whopper, as I've been away for so long. So, we have so many entries, that I'm going to have to introduce a little order here. So, here is the Wednesday round-up complete with categories for easy navigation:

Meaty/fishy savoury
Spaghetti with sardines, rocket, chilli, lemon and anchovy breadcrumbs, which sounds like a fantastic combination with minimal shopping required. 
Creamy lentil soup with Serrano ham, a proper rustic soup, with some cream for a bit of class.
Cumin and Chili Shrimp with Roasted Corn & Poblano Polenta, an amazing looking plate of food, with crunchy prawns and squishy polenta.
Balsamic glazed grilled chicken, perfect summer fare for popping on the barbecue. 
Cochinita pibil, or citrus roasted pork, which is a Mexican recipe that little sis and I have earmarked for our next culinary challenge. 
Homecured gravadlax and no-knead poppy seed bread, what a wonderful thing to be able to produce from your own kitchen. 
Fishfinger enchiladas, which sound so crazy they might just work. I love fishfingers, I love enchiladas, it must be time to combine the two!
Scotch eggs, which look so delicious I'm determined to make them my picnic regular this summer.
Chicken burgers with lime and lemongrass and spicy slaw, a really fresh, zesty sounding recipe from Bill Granger - I really need to get some of his books. 
Spinach pesto pasta with paprika grilled chicken, which sounds like a really interesting, tasty combination. I really like the idea of spinach pesto.

Baked chickpea burgers, bright orange burgers packed with flavoursome things like garlic, ginger and coriander. 
Shakshuka, an "Israeli dish of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce", aka my very next weekend brunch.
Sweetcorn cakes, which are "packed with juicy popping nuggets of corn" - and perfect served with a poached egg. 
Zucchini pancakes with yogurt sauce, flavoured with feta and mint, which are apparently even better the next day - don't you just love recipes like that?
Spinach and curried pumpkin tart, a wonderfully colourful tart flavoured with curry and cumin. 
Risi e bisi, a thick soup (not risotto) of rice and peas, which are two of my favourite things ever (though it is, of course, only veggie if you use vegetable stock).

Carrot salad with harissa, feta and mint, which is apparently "hot, spicy, punchy with lemon, salty with crumbled cheese, bright and minty, green and fresh".
Herbed potato salad, with a tangy vinaigrette - a very tasty looking variation on one of my very favourite things to eat in the summer.

Oatmeal shortbread, which is like a kind of massive Hob Nob. Need I say more?
Big berry birthday cake, a vanilla bean birthday cake, studded with blueberries, iced with vanilla whipped buttercream and topped with a gorgeous pile of berries, not to mention fork candles!
New York cheesecake, a recipe which looks so good it might lead me to infidelity to Nigella. 
Doughnuts, with jam, nutella, lemon curd or perhaps just cinnamon sugar. Mmmm, I might just have to make a batch of each. 
Rum, raisin and apple loaf, just the thing for an afternoon snack - and another one that gets better the next day. 
Olive oil cake, with rosemary and chocolate from a rather good sounding new cookbook on baking with wholegrain flours. 
Honey cake, a historical recipe from a 1964 recipe book, which apparently really delivers on honey flavour. 

Other sweets
The best Bakewell tart recipe, a delicious tea time treat (and I always want to try a recipe that bills itself as the best!).

Hollygog pudding, what a wonderful name! A proper old fashioned stodgy pud - great to have on standby for when the weather gets cold again (which we know won't be too long).
Eve's pudding, another stodgy pud, but this time with some scrumptious apples in the bottom.
Chocolate chip cookies, there may be about a million recipes floating around, but these ones do look particularly good.
Whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, which also look particularly good! Too many chocolate chip cookie recipes, too little time.
Bumbleberry pie, with another fabulous name, this pie is full to bursting with fruit -  blueberries, blackberries, rhubarb and strawberries.

Rhubarb recipes (can you tell I love the stuff?!)
Rhubarb crumble ice cream, my idea of ice cream heaven. Put two desserts into the bowl, not me...
Rhubarb and rosewater breakfast sundae, with layers of roasted rhubarb, muesli and fromage frais.
Rhubarb curd shortbread, similar to millionaire's shortbread, but with ginger flavoured shortbread and rhubarb curb. Such a good idea.
Rhubarb, almond and orange cake, with orange being a wonderful combination with rhubarb, this sounds just scrumptious.
Rhubarb and lemon curd pots, a recipe that's apparently been passed around all over the place - always a good sign. A wonderful sounding combination of rhubarb, lemon curd, Greek yoghurt and ginger biscuits.

As this is the result of sifting through hundreds of blog posts, I'm sure I've missed a few highlights (feel free to add your own recommendations below!), but hopefully there should be something for everyone there. Especially if you like rhubarb. I feel duty bound to mention that there have been lots of recipes for asparagus around, but I'm afraid I really can't get into the stuff. But if you like it, you really should be surfing the blogs at the moment.
Oh, and one more recommendation from good old word of mouth. A workmate made this Lemon cheesecake with Greek yoghurt and honey and I loved it. It looks very easy too. Just the ticket for a summer dinner party, especially as you make it the day before.


  1. I love your Wednesday Round Ups, and the categories are perfect! Thankyou! Welcome back!

  2. I'm new to your round-up. A feast of inspiration - looking forward to trying the tantalising NY cheesecake!

  3. Glad you're back Nora. Great round up! Thank you for the mentions. Love the new format too.

  4. Welcome back Nora! A super delicious round-up!

  5. Glad you all like it - it's been such a while, but I think I found some pretty good stuff. And the new format may well be staying ... (And not just because it's a lot quicker to write!)

  6. Welcome back!
    I had rhubarb in my veg box a month ago and struggled to find something to make up my mind as to what to do with it... How I wish your round-up had been up then!

  7. What a great list and thanks for including my Balsamic chicken. Those rhubarb recipes are all calling out to me!

  8. Ah Nora, you're back - hoorah. Like the categorisation and especially all the rhubarb recipes.

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  10. Glad you're back! What a round-up!



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