Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday round-up of deliciousness

I warned you, didn't I, that a round-up of deliciousness might pop up any time? Well, my Google Reader was creaking under the weight of the all the deliciousness so I decided tonight was the night. Wednesdays aren't very convenient these days, as I have taken to attending a salsa class with Mr 'Splorer (one of the advantages of a Latin American hubby is that he will dance!). So, rather than collating blog posts, I am generally to be found attempting to dance Cuban salsa under the instruction of an extremely flamboyant Cuban by the name of Leandro, who shouts "I see you!" at random participants from time to time. 
Anyway (!) we'll see how the round-up timetable works out. In the meantime, check out some of these delights. Just writing this up has made my tummy rumble!

Scrumptious suppers from around the world
Kuksu - a Maltese spring soup, made with broad beans and kuksu (Israeli cous cous) or pasta. Perfect for my new ability to eat broad beans!
Tomatoless Beef and Squash Curry - a "hot, pungent and slightly sweet curry" made for someone who doesn't like tomato - and was apparently delicious. 
Chicken cacciatore - which promises "minimal effort for maximum flavour" and looks like the perfect supper dish to have up your sleeve.
Syrian Fajita(ish) - which looks like a wonderful combination of flavours, with a tahini sauce and parsley salad. 
Ginger tofu, ginger beef style, with Chinese five spice rice - described as the best tofu you'll ever eat. Dipped in cornstarch and fried in canola oil (which seem to be cornflour and rapeseed oil respectively for Brits!), it looks crunchy and delicious.
Ga Kho - a Vietnamese dish of caramelised chicken, a spicy, tangy dish that looks absolutely scrumptious.
Haddock with braised lettuce - apparently a French dish originally, this dish with lettuce, peas, haddock and eggs looks like a really fresh and delicious supper.
Home made hummus and pitta - apparently home made hummus is a bit of a faff, if you want to get it right, but it looks so good I might have to give it a try. And the pitta breads look lovely - just like the ones my parents make. And Helen says they're easy!

American style cakes, cookies and puds
Peach blueberry cobbler - a wonderfully summery dessert and a great alternative to crumble. I just love discovering all these American wonders through blogs.
Old fashioned apple pandowdy - a dessert that is apparently similar to a cobbler - a fruity layer covered in a biscuity topping. Scrumptious!
Key West Cake with Mango Mousse and Ginger Cream - a gorgeous tropical layer cake, drenched in rum syrup, which involves making a rather delicious looking lime ginger curd. 
NY Times Cookie Recipe - which is probably my fiftieth chocolate chip cookie recipe on here, but it is apparently approaching chocolate chip cookie nirvana. You have to rest the dough for 36 hours to enable the egg to absorb into the other ingredients. Intriguing...
Squidgy brownies - another classic for which you're always looking the ultimate recipe - and this looks like a serious contender.
Blueberry lemon muffins - these are apparently lighter than a normal muffin and not too sweet. I love the sugary tops and can just imagine scoffing a whole load with a lovely cup of tea! 

Other lovely little sweet bits
Frozen raspberry Eton mess - a stupendous idea, that also contains lemon curd. What a perfect summer dessert. I must make it quickly before the sun disappears!  
Strawberry, pistachio and orange cakes - really cute little cakes made roasted strawberries with orange blossom.
Morir soñando (To die dreaming) - a Dominican drink made of orange juice, vanilla extract and sugar. With a name like that, you've got to try it, haven't you? 
Peach and plum freeform pie with fresh nutmeg streusel - a really gorgeous looking dessert stuffed full of scrumptious fruit. 
Dressy chocolate cake - a really classy looking loaf cake, which is cut into three so that you can pop in some jam, and then iced in a mixture of melted chocolate and sour cream. A serious contender for my birthday cake! (Not for another month, but a girl has got to plan...!)
Puffed peach pancake - a wonderful breakfast dish of risen batter with lovely fruit, which apparently is also made with apples. I think I might have to try both.

And finally...
Heston Blumenthal's triple cooked chips - these look so perfect and so very edible that I'm more than willing to take on the faff of cooking them three times, and drying and cooling them in between.

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