Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday round-up of deliciousness

Quick skillet granola - one of those wonderful why-didn't-I-think-of-that ideas - you just cook oats and seeds with honey and butter in a frying pan (or skillet, if you must!) and you have instant granola. 

Vegetarian delights
Vietnamese spring rolls - I love ordering these in restaurants and they look so easy and healthy. I might even bring myself to buy some peanut butter (ick!) for the dipping sauce.
Jamaican corn soup - a thick, tropical soup with coconut milk, sweetcorn and chilli. The perfect way to keep some tropical summer flavours going while warming yourself up with some spicy soup.
Corn fritters - another sweetcorn recipe from Food Stories, these fritters look so crunchy and good. Helen's suggestion of serving them with bacon has literally got my mouth watering. 

Meaty feasts
Beef satay skewers with peanut dipping sauce - succulent, marinated cubes of beef, and another excellent reason to go peanut butter shopping.
Roast chicken and bread salad - only a salad in the very loosest sense of the word, but just the name of the recipe tells you everything you need to know!
Buttermilk "fried" chicken - a scrumptious looking recipe for chicken which is actually baked, from Bill Granger's new book.
Chicken katsu curry - in which the chicken is breaded and fried before being smothered in a curry sauce. It looks delicious.
Sicilian pork ragù with chocolate - I'm still slightly obsessed with all things Sicilian, so this recipe caught my eye. But I'm also intrigued to see what happens when you add chocolate and cinnamon to ragù. It certainly looks delicious.
Lumpia (Filipino spring rolls) - I've never ever heard of these deep fried rolls of pastry filled with minced pork, but they look extremely tasty. 

Fishy bits
Fish tacos with mango radish salsa and sweet potato wedges - these tacos are made with fishfingers, one of my very favourite guilty pleasures, and look very tasty indeed. 
Miso mackerel - a really tasty looking dish of mackerel marinated in sake, mirin and miso.
Masala mackerel with daal and salad - a dish inspired by festival food. Again, the mackerel is marinated, this time in a mix of Indian spices before being grilled. 

A couple of breads
Coby's bread - this bread sounds too good to be true. No kneading required, crunchy crust, a centre full of flavour and a very forgiving recipe.
Pumpkin spiced bread - a wonderful autumnal treat made with pumpkin purée and some lovely spices. The pictures of it toasted with butter are so very inviting.  

A single sauce 
Garlicky red chilli hot sauce - a recipe from the New York Times that apparently has the potential to both make you famous and take you to the hottest day of summer. Sounds amazing!

Cakes, cookies, muffins and other assorted sweets
Chocolate orange panettone - as made in The Great British Bake Off, Ruth makes panettone, a real favourite of mine, look totally possible. And it's chocolate and orange - one of the very best flavour combos.
Chocolate chip cookies - making chocolate chip cookies is always a shortcut to the round-up, but these are from Nigella's new book, so definitely worth a try. 
Cornish fairings - beautiful cracked biscuits with ginger and candied peel. Apparently they're traditional in the West Country, but I'd never heard of them.
Cañones de guayaba (guava cannons) - like a kind of fig roll with a guava paste filling, to be filled with queso blanco or fresh goat's cheese when hot.
Chocolate fudge cake - a recipe I need to dig out of the Ottolenghi cookbook, as it looks dark, dense and delicious.
Easy peasy chocolate cake - what every domestic goddess needs in her repertoire, this cake looks totally decadent smothered in shiny chocolate ganache icing.
Mother in law bran muffins - a proper handed-down-the-family recipe, the name makes these sound virtuous (and they are low in fat) but they look wonderful - soft and spicy.
Buttermilk currant cake - part of the wonderful History corner, this cake looks delicious, and also comes from the wonderful 'Currant recipe book', which makes a whole host of wild and wonderful claims about the wonders of currants, such as 'Currants give radiant vitality'. There's only one way to find out if this is true... 

Frozen raspberry Kent mess - like an Eton Mess but with strawberries and frozen. I think freezing it was a stroke of genius. Surely the only thing better than a mess is a messy ice cream!
Blackberry Bakewell - I love Bakewell tart with all the fervour of a recent convert (my silly younger self wasn't a big fan of almond flavoured things) and a version with fresh blackberries sounds just perfect for this time of year. 
Classic profiteroles - a perfect rendition of this fantastic classic dessert, which was one of my absolute childhood favourites. It's definitely time I gave these a go. 

And finally...
Here's a post featuring the poem Jim, by Hilaire Belloc, a family favourite in my household. Altogether now, "There was a boy whose name was Jim..."

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  1. What a loads of yummy food! Yes you have to give the chocolate ragu a go.



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